The Ups and Downs of the Marksman Hero

Ah, the Marksman. Truly the only type of hero in the game that does the most damage from long range. Marksmen are no strangers in the world of MOBA. They’re also called ADC or Attack Damage Carry, with more emphasis on the “Carry” since that is part of their responsibility in the team, both during team fights and pushing lanes.


Let’s be real here: We always have that handful of random teammates who want to take the ADC role. Annoying, yes, but it’s just part of the game. That’s because if you play your cards right, being an ADC is a rewarding feeling—like you’re the best man or woman in the group.


A lot of times Marksmen who do the role well always end up as the MVP of the team for boasting the most Attack Damage dealt.


On a debatable level, Marksmen deal as much damage as that of an Assassin. At this point, it doesn’t matter who really makes the most damage, but rather who carries the team more.



If you’re planning to be one, then here are the pros and cons of marksman heroes


But first, the basic rules of being a Marksman:

  • Focus on pushing lanes
  • Always stay with your Support
  • Grab the most gold by participating in team fights and last-hitting minions
  • Always assist the Fighter or Tank during a fight with an enemy. Their high health and CCs should buy you some time to get some free hits over the enemy.



  • Highest basic attack damage
  • Can kill enemies from afar
  • Low cooldowns for skills
  • Very rewarding if you do the damage dealing during clashes
  • Very fast in pushing lanes thanks to their AD on turrets
  • Can poke enemies during a chase
  • Unstoppable during late game
  • Lifesteal items scale well with their abilities



  • Lack of much like Assassins, their skills are mostly made up of escapes and more damages but there are no crowd controls in sight
  • Very prone to melee damage, just like in any strategy game of ranged units vs melee units
  • Dependent on Supports. This is why you would often find toxic ADCs to be always blaming the Support whenever they die.
  • Very lackluster in the early game until they buy all the necessary items as the match goes by.


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