VK Mobile Legends, Finally Explained

If you are wondering why VK is all of a sudden part of Mobile Legends, then you came to the right place. Apparently, though, there is so little information about VK, especially when you search for it on Google. To figure out how VK Mobile Legends work, you need to understand what it is in the first place.



VK is short for VKontakte, which is essentially a social media networking site. Same with most social media, it allows you to add friends, acquire followers, and post images of stuff like your in-game play in Mobile Legends. Like Facebook, it also gives users the ability to create pages for marketing or whatever purposes they need.


Binding a Mobile Legends Account to VK

Well, this is pretty much straightforward. After all, it works like Facebook in-game. The first thing you need to do is click your profile picture in-game and select Accounts (you should see this in the lower left of the screen). There, you will see an option that says Bind Account. Simply click it and select Google Play (or Apple App Store if you are using an iPhone). This will then bring up a list that shows your email addresses, so you can select the one you desire to use. That is it – pretty simple.


If you want to bind both Facebook and VK accounts, you need to install first the apps and login to your accounts. Open Mobile Legends and search for that accounts in Option. Select either Facebook or VK and you should be successful.



Region Locks

It is worth noting that sharing to VK is not necessarily applicable in players worldwide. That is because some regions are not allowed to share their Mobile Legends experience via VK, with the exception of Facebook. For instance, there has yet to be an option allowing SEA (Southeast Asia) players to share to VK. Facebook seems to be the only option to do so.


Considering how consistent VK has been in the past few years, it is really great to see it being integrated to Mobile Legends. As mentioned, however, not all players worldwide have this access. Perhaps Riot Games will soon implement it in all regions.


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