What Makes Mobile Legends Popular?

Mobile Legends has quickly become one of the leading mainstay titles of MOBA. Not only is it quite popular, but it is also an in-demand game among different gaming circles. It boasts over 10 million accounts on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Want to know more about


Mobile Legends popularity? Well, here are some facts about its fame.



Easy To Play

For people who had no experience with similar games before, there is nothing to worry about – this game offers a simple gameplay. It offers vast tutorials to get new players onboard quickly — from shooting and hitting to determining the key direction of movement to using skills, just to name a few. In fact, it is dubbed as the mobile version of yet another popular MOBA, DotA 2.


Intuitive Game Control

Thanks to its virtual pad feature, players can easily control all movement of a character or hero. There is no need to point a finger at the enemy, as it comes with an auto-aim feature. Moreover, the virtual pad automatically adjusts a hero’s movement, making transitions a breeze.


Good Graphics

For some people, when it comes to playing a game, the graphics aspect is a huge aspect. If it proves to be good, then players will be interested to play it. Mobile Legends does this in a way that its contemporaries fail to do so. It offers good graphics in terms of characters, items, skill effects, and even the in-game landscape. Sure, it is not perfect, but it is absolutely enough for a mobile game.



Playable With Friends

This mobile game allows players to play alongside their friends, and it is applicable in all game modes. They just have to activate/connect their Facebook and/or e-mail ID, so players can connect to their friends and play together.


Characters Representing Different Countries

This is perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of Mobile Legends. All of its heroes are created based on the various countries they are from. For instance, Bruno represents Brazil while Yin Sun-Shin is from Korea; Kagura is from Japan, Chou is from China, and so on.


Checkout and download Mobile Legends for PC to see for yourself why it is the most popular game today!

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