Where to find Diamonds for Mobile Legends?

Finding a legit and functioning Mobile Legends hack can be quite tricky. With all the websites that promise to give players free resources like battle points and diamonds, it’s easy to fall victim to these scams. In fact, there have been many reported cases of online fraud using this technique – something that could have been avoided if players could easily access the game’s precious resources.



Although you can get diamonds for Mobile Legends for free and honest ways, it tends to be a hassle for some. From spending money for in-app purchases to asking a friend to give some to you as a gift, it sure is tough to get these precious diamonds.



But did you know that there is a shortcut to all these? Whether you’re playing Mobile Legends on PC or any mobile device, cheat codes are the easiest option to get free diamonds. Simply enter these codes and voila! You can now have unlimited diamonds to spend.


Some players, especially those who are not into cheats and hacks, may find these techniques inappropriate. Others may not even care at all. Regardless of your preference, obtaining diamonds and other resources will definitely make a huge difference in gameplay.


Here are some of the most popular Mobile Legends cheats players usually use to obtain resources.


Diamonds for Mobile Legends iOS hack:

  1. Starlight Member — DL_B2cW3bUGQk
  2. 1,500 Diamonds — LT_Tgl4ktVbcd
  3. 2,500 Diamonds — BF_S1KE4JiVhq
  4. 1,000 Diamonds — EO_ccNbZa4ayH
  5. 5,000 Diamonds — TT_AZUuWyZ790
  6. 500 Diamonds — PE_lVyevb0pHa


Diamonds for Mobile Legends Android hack:

  1. Starlight Member — QB_8lvznDdOov
  2. 5,000 Diamonds — US_YhyiHTY1kM
  3. 500 Diamonds — PS_HVSypVANFM
  4. 1,500 Diamonds — WR_0yXvdDDYxO
  5. 2,500 Diamonds — WH_tDkMw4wTEQ
  6. 1,000 Diamonds — WN_GdP8fC8pgA


Players who play Mobile Legends for PC can also give these cheats try by using Android emulators and applying the same cheat codes.

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