What causes Mobile Legends game lag?

For many gamers, game lag could be a serious problem. Right off the bat, this sudden slowdown can make or break a gameplay.


There several reasons for Mobile Legends game lag. You may not know it, but these factors could dictate whether you win or lose in the battle. Imagine fighting enemies with all your might and victory is within arm’s reach, only to end up losing due to reduced responsiveness of the game. Now that’s a whole new level of annoying!



Here are some common causes of Mobile Legends lag and how you should fix it.


Graphics – This one is probably the granddaddy of all lag! When you experience a sudden slowdown in graphics while in the middle of your game, chances are your system cannot cope with the Frames Per Second (FPS) requirement. This may affect not only the responsiveness of controls but the overall game performance as well.


To fix this, you can use a free FRAPS utility to measure your framerate. Launch the software before starting Mobile Legends and check the FPS figure it provides while in the fame. Once the little counter drops below 25-30 FPS, then you’re likely to experience a pesky lag. You can then customize your game’s graphics settings and optimize it depending on your system. If you have some extra cash to spare, consider upgrading your hardware and get better results.


Ping – Another common cause of lag is a high ping. A lot of people assume that a fast internet connection is the only factor needed to have a good download and upload speed, especially during gameplay. However, what many failed to realize is that ping also plays a huge role in your connection speed.


If you are playing an online game like Mobile Legends on PC, chances are, you’ve experienced a high ping before. Normally, a ping around 300 or more definitely causes a noticeable lag.


To solve this, simply close all other programs and windows running on your computer. It’s also best to ensure that no downloads are running in the background. You might also want to consider moving your computer near the router and see if it improves your connection.

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