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Talking Tom is the world’s most adorable virtual pet that you can meet. This fun game will let you experience a great time with your witty and playful cat. That is why we have prepared our My Talking Tom FAQ section where you can read articles about the game, including information about Talking Tom’s friends! If you are having problems with the game, we will do our best to help you. You can find various articles on our website that contain lots of useful information for your gaming convenience. We also talk about the game features of My Talking Tom that sets it apart from other pet games. Are you wondering if Talking Tom is an immortal cat? Check out our Talking Tom unlimited lives article to solve the mystery behind this virtual cat’s life.


Our FAQ section for My Talking Tom is comprehensive. You do not need to consult other websites because we’ve got it all for you! We have lots of topics about Talking Tom to get you started in the game. If you are looking for a great gaming experience, make sure that you download Talking Tom on your PC today and start playing with the cutest virtual cat.

What’s New With the Latest My Talking Tom Version?

Our favorite talking cat has launched its mini web series and numerous talking friend mobile apps! My Talking Tom has become a popular franchise by Outfit7. With over a dozen different versions, updates, and interesting twists since it launched in 2010, the latest My Talking Tom is still a top app loved by everyone.   […]

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Who is Talking Tom and What Can He Do?

The world’s most popular digipet is Tom! The gist of the game is to take care of Tom. As your digital pet, you feed him when he is hungry. You give him a bath to make him feel nice and clean. You pet him, poke him, and tickle him to make him happy. At the […]

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Meet Talking Tom’s Friends and Know What They Do

Outfit7 didn’t just create Talking Tom; they created a whole gang of talking pets that you will love to play with. Each of them is unique and gifted with funky and kickass personalities that will suit everyone. Talking Tom and his friends have their own apps, so, let’s learn more about them.   Talking Angela […]

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Talking Tom vs Talking Garfield: What’s the Verdict?

Talking Tom vs Talking Garfield is probably one of the most talked about app comparison simply because of the sudden boom in the ‘Talking Pet’ app niche. Personally, we do have our preference. But before we get to that, let’s talk about Tom and Garfield.   Who’d have thought that our favorite Garfield would be […]

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My Talking Tom Cheat Sheet for Unlimited Gems

We get it, who wouldn’t want to get the trendiest and most expensive clothes from the clothes rack. There are tons of cheats out there on various games and My Talking Tom is not exempted from that.   Though we don’t recommend that you use a cheat to get unlimited diamonds, we’ll help you achieve […]

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