Meet Outfit7, the Team Behind My Talking Tom

Having kids in mind, Samo and Iza Login along with other friends developed a virtual character that would record and repeat whatever you say. In addition, they created him with numerous adorable reactions such as pokes and likes.



After launching the first Talking Tom app, Outfit7 gained instant success. They soon started to upgrade Talking Tom continuously by creating an even more interesting character and app. With the major success of Talking Tom, they developed his love interest, Angela. They then created the adorable Ginger, the genius Ben, the goofball Hank, and the annoying Pierre.


Outfit7 Overview


Outift7 finds its roots in Slovenia. Before they created Talking Tom, they made other apps like a football game app and even a travel guide. They didn’t have much success with these, though. But, ever since they gained major attention and high volume interest in Talking Tom and his friends, they created numerous apps about them. The most popular Outfit7 apps are:


  • My Talking Tom 1 & 2
  • My Talking Angela
  • My Talking Ben
  • My Talking Hank
  • Talking Ginger
  • Talking Pierre
  • Talking Tom Gold Run
  • Talking Tom Jetski 1 & 2
  • Talking Tom Candy Run
  • Talking Tom Camp
  • Swamp Attack and more!


Despite other companies creating games similar to Talking Tom, Talking Tom is still on top of the food chain. Outfit7 even created a miniseries, Youtube singles, Talking Tom and Friends merchandises. Their series was also a success, allowing them to partner up with Disney Interactive for the miniseries. Walt Disney Records/ Hollywood Records also partnered with Outfit7 to produce Tom and Angela’s musical debut entitles, “You Get Me.”


Samo and Iza Login sold Outfit7 to Chinese investors in 2017. However, they still remain in the company as the company director and adviser respectively. To this day, Talking Tom remains as one of the most loved app characters around the world. You can know more about the game here on our FAQ page, or better yet, download My Talking Tom on your PC.

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