Meet Talking Tom’s Friends and Know What They Do

Outfit7 didn’t just create Talking Tom; they created a whole gang of talking pets that you will love to play with. Each of them is unique and gifted with funky and kickass personalities that will suit everyone. Talking Tom and his friends have their own apps, so, let’s learn more about them.


Talking Angela



Angela is Talking Tom’s love interest. She is a spunky white cat with a hot sense of fashion. This is a perfect game for girls and ladies alike who loves playing dress up.


Talking Ginger



Ginger is the most adorable orange kitten you’d ever want to have. He is curious and can be the immediate life of the party. His endlessly active personality makes him one of funniest characters to tickle with. His crazy antics make him the perfect digipet for those who love constant action.


Talking Pierre



Meet Pierre, the rocker bird. This parrot loves music and NOISE! He is all about cracking up sounds, music, and noise. You’ll surely love a fun and crazy parrot that says anything he has in mind. This is a popular companion for music lovers and for those who love to talk to crazy people.


My Talking Hank



Hank, the chubby goofball, is a real sweetheart. Hank is the introvert in the group but brings a lot of fun in the party when you really get to meet him. He loves playing video games and is always constantly up to date with the latest sitcom. Hank is an amazing companion for every couch potato out there.


My Talking Ben, the Dog



This brown fur ball is probably the closest to what you’ll have of an adult in the gang. He is witty, and he is a real genius when it comes to thinking of fun outside the box. You’ll love having him as your virtual pet if you are very interested in sharing your past time with a character that is really unpredictable and fun.


Talking Tom and his friends are all super interesting but there is more than just playing with them that spices things up. Learn which of the characters have the same personality as you, and know more about their individual personalities. You can also find out more about our favorite Talking Tom and what he can do. Download My Talking Tom today!

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