My Talking Tom Game: What You Need To Know?

You’ve probably heard your little ones beg you to install the My Talking Tom game on your phone or even on their phones. Because, really, the only ones who probably have no clue about who Talking Tom is are adults with a busy work life. Kidding! Seriously, who wouldn’t know who Talking Tom is?


Nonetheless, My Talking Tom is a casual game that is both Android and iOS compatible. Now, you can also enjoy playing it on your PC/Mac by downloading My Talking Tom today. This is a highly interactive game with tons of interesting features.



First off, you adopt a cat named Tom. But, you can rename him right off the bat when you start playing the game. He is a tabby little grey-furred kitten. The main goal of playing the My Talking Tom game is all about caring for him.


How To Play My Talking Tom Game?


Tom practically gets hungry every hour and you need to constantly tend to his needs. Don’t worry. You don’t have to be glued on your device to always keep him happy. When he has energy, you can play various mini-games. But, when he gets tired and sleepy, you won’t be able to play any of those. You play games to level up quicker and collect coins that you can use to buy food, clothes, and even house decorations.


You’ll love that the game also comes with a Facebook interactive feature where you can visit your friends’ Tom’s houses. You can also let Tom Fly across the world and fill your photo book with images of different Toms from across the globe.


Other than the typical My Talking Tom game, you’ll also find out that there are other Talking characters as well. You may want to find out about who Tom’s friends are and what the Outfit7 gang’s personalities are first before you download them all on your phone. For further information, you can check out everything there is to know about Talking Tom in our FAQ section.

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