Talking Tom Dies: Fact or Myth?

The original virtual pets all die like the real deal. If you’ve ever tried the chance to take care of your very own Tamagotchi, you’ll know exactly just how it feels like to lose a pet by forgetting to feed it or take care of it virtually. Fortunately for those who love playing with Talking Tom, you don’t have to worry or suffer at all as Tom is an infinity cat.



So, to answer the question if Talking Tom dies or not is a big NO! Talking Tom never dies. He will zero out, meaning he will get super hungry, super dirty, super sleepy, and super ready to go to the toilet, but he will never die.


Tom doesn’t have the typical nine lives the way other cats do because he is simply not going to die. The only way to remove him off your device is by uninstalling the game.


Play My Talking Tom for Hours


Initially, you’d think that this might get too boring, right? Well, the fun part about My Talking Tom is that it comes with tons of mini-games and fun updates. It also has seasonal collections where you get to purchase new items only in a limited period of time. We love that Outfit7 tries its best to keep it updated by changing it up from time to time. And for that reason, My Talking Tom isn’t a game that you’ll easily get tired of.


Besides, there are also Tom’s friends. You can interchange them and play with them if you get bored with any one of them. Each character has their own individual app with totally different features and activities making it even more fun and exciting.


Anyway, whether Talking Tom dies or not, it doesn’t really matter much to us because what matters most is that we spend more time playing with him. This is especially true for kids who love the talking animal series by Outfit7. You can start playing with this adorable grey tabby cat by going to our My Talking Tom download page. You can also check out our My Talking Tom FAQ section to learn more about the game.

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