Talking Tom vs Talking Garfield: What’s the Verdict?

Talking Tom vs Talking Garfield is probably one of the most talked about app comparison simply because of the sudden boom in the ‘Talking Pet’ app niche. Personally, we do have our preference. But before we get to that, let’s talk about Tom and Garfield.


Who’d have thought that our favorite Garfield would be in an app? What’s more peculiar is that he is a virtual pet! We are all so familiar with Garfield being the diva cat. He’s probably the laziest cat we’d love to cuddle. But, now that they created not just one, not just two, not just three, but over 50 apps about him, his entire cool comic image has totally changed.



We love that sneaky sly smile of Garfield when he is up to something quirky. We also just love reading about his secret thoughts and how oblivious Jon is to it all. But, as a gaming character, his quirks have a different appeal. Who’d have ever thought that Garfield would sound like you in an oddly altered manner?


Since Garfield started off as a comic character, we kind of expected the game to seem more like the way he is on the comic strip. Sadly, the difference can be majorly disappointing. Tom, on the other hand, is totally different. He was born as a gaming character. He was built to be a digipet.


Tom is created to be taken care off like a real cat. He is fun and quirky and his antics are endlessly adorable. He has more facial expressions and he has a more inquisitive nature than Garfield that we just can’t get tired of him.


Who’s the Better Virtual Pet?


When talking about Talking Tom vs Talking Garfield apps, we dare say that ‘keeping-us-interested’ factor is on Talking Tom. Talking Garfield is just as it is, it’s just Garfield with a white background and the only things you can pretty much do is poke him, annoy him, and just see what he does when you tap the screen. On the other hand, Tom has multiple settings (plus the fact that you can buy him clothes, accessories, and even decorate his house). Tom has various needs that make you want to check in on him every hour. You want to know if he is hungry or needs to go to the toilet, and the most fun of all is when he has enough energy to go play with his mini-games.


As a comic or movie character, no kitty could ever beat the cool Garfield. But, with the Talking Tom vs Talking Garfield gaming app, Garfield is on the losing side. Over 500 million downloads of Talking Tom versus Talking Garfield having only 5 million downloads prove this point. Download My Talking Tom today and learn more about him in the My Talking Tom FAQ section.

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