What are Other Talking Pet Games Similar to My Talking Tom?

When Talking Tom was first launched, it was highly received by many. Now, after about 10 years since the launch, there are over 8 billion downloads for Talking Tom alone. At first, Talking Tom just started as a fun character you can poke and play with but as soon as Outfit7 added the talking feature, the Talking animal boom started. If you love My Talking Tom, you may find these other Casual Games to be interesting as well.



If you search your PlayStore app for online talking pets, you’ll be surprised that there are already hundreds of the same kind. The problem is which among these are quality games. Here is a list of similar talking animal games of great quality.


Similar Games to My Talking Tom


Talking Panda by Digital Eagle. This is a Chinese-themed virtual Panda pet. It comes with almost all the same features as My Talking Tom where you bathe him, put him to sleep, feed him, and it even comes with mini-games as well.


Talking Garfield by Talking Toys. Though with great quality animation, it does lack certain features like better player engagement and interaction with the player. You can read more about our thoughts on Talking Tom vs Talking Garfield.


My Talking Dog by Digital Eagle. It seems that Digital Eagle also has a gang of its own. This time, it is a dog as a virtual pet. Other than the Talking Panda, Digital Eagle also has a series of virtual pets namely: My Talking Elly (elephant); Emma, the cat; Oscar, the cat; My Virtual Tooth (very odd character if you don’t mind us saying); My Talking Pinocchio among many others. We do have to say though that the quality of the animation is not up to par compared to the Outfit7 series.


Baby Bunny-Virtual Pet by Clement Vitroly. This is technically a great quality copy of Talking Angela. From the house to the layout and even the way Bu, the Bunny, looks, the game gives you the feeling of being based upon Talking Angela.


These are just some of them. There are more out there but our favorite would always be Talking Tom and his gang. If you’d like to read more about who Talking Tom is, check out our My Talking Tom FAQ page to find out.

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