What’s New With the Latest My Talking Tom Version?

Our favorite talking cat has launched its mini web series and numerous talking friend mobile apps! My Talking Tom has become a popular franchise by Outfit7. With over a dozen different versions, updates, and interesting twists since it launched in 2010, the latest My Talking Tom is still a top app loved by everyone.


What to Expect With the Latest My Talking Tom app?


One of the most loved themes is Christmas with Tom. You’ll love the new selection of clothes in the shop as well as additional accessories all related to the red and green holiday.


This is the only chance where you can get your hands on an awesome winter-inspired theme with a snowman, a reindeer, and snow-covered evergreens. Along with a funky Christmas outfit and collectibles, you’ll love to celebrate the holiday season with Tom and his friends.



Aside from the Christmas theme, the latest My Talking Tom version also features amazing mini-games where you can collect coins to purchase awesome new clothes and accessories. Along with the new line of mini-games, the newest updated version comes with 10 additional levels making this game even more enjoyable.


With the latest version of My Talking Tom, you have a seemingly endless list of additional clothing, fur colors, and hairdos to choose from. Who wouldn’t want a blue-furred cat with a pink hairdo? Our lovable grey tabby cat sure has added more reasons to love this game.


One of the things that we love about this game is that we get to take care of our little Tom until he grows up into an adventurous tabby cat. But, do we really want him to grow up? You have that option to let him stay as an adorable little kitten with the new baby and adult potions. These are automatic potions where you can choose to let him stay as a kitten forever or even instantly turn him into an adult. This way, you’ll never get tired of Tom and his cute little antics.


We’re pretty sure that any Talking Tom lover out there knows about his friends. There are more to discover with the latest My Talking Tom app. If you have more questions about My Talking Tom, we’re pretty sure we’ve got you covered, just stay tuned to our website and keep up with what’s new about Tom and his friends.

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