Who is Talking Tom and What Can He Do?

The world’s most popular digipet is Tom! The gist of the game is to take care of Tom. As your digital pet, you feed him when he is hungry. You give him a bath to make him feel nice and clean. You pet him, poke him, and tickle him to make him happy. At the end of the tiring day, you also send him to bed to rest.


These are just some of the things that you can do for Tom. But, the question is, what can Talking Tom do? This adorable playful grey cat is one of the most interesting online game characters. He has a perky attitude with the love for adventure. With that, you get to let Tom be himself and do the following in the My Talking Tom mini-games:


  • (GOAL) Let Tom hit the ball to the opponents net and win the goal.
  • (RAINBOWS) You and Tom need to pop balloons of the same color to level up and win the game
  • (GO UP) Tom is literally hanging onto his life! You shoot him up like a slingshot and send him higher into the level and collect gold coins!
  • (TOM RUN) This is literally Tom as Indiana Jones. You navigate Tom around the map and collect coins while avoiding obstacles and overcome challenges.
  • (HIT THE ROAD) Tom is as great as a driver as you let him be. Tom can drive through crazy roads and high hill climbs in this game so he can reach his destination: a level higher!
  • (HAPPY CONNECT) Connect gummy bears to earn coins and level up.



With so many other mini-games to enjoy, you can’t seem to have enough of Tom’s fun adventures. Other games include Space Piano, Rocket Fun, Fly up, and many more.


What can Talking Tom Do Other Than the Mini-Games?


Well, there are tons of other stuff our favorite grey-haired tabby cat can do. Here is a list of things that he can do in other of his games:


  • Have Tom race against Angela and his friends on Jetskis (Talking Tom Jetski 1 & 2)
  • Tom also enjoys water balloon fights in this game (Talking Tom Camp)
  • Build a water park with Tom (Talking Tom Pool)
  • Do the Gold Run race (Talking Tom Gold Run)
  • Collect coins and candies in this fun run with Tom (Talking Tom Candy Run)
  • Literally, make Tom jump over tasty cakes (Talking Tom Cake Jump)
  • Let Tom have fun with his love interest Angela and help him flirt with her by singing and sending gifts. (Tom Loves Angela)
  • Help Tom write love letters to his friends & family (Tom’s Love Letters)
  • Help Tom and Ben create News together (Talking Tom & Ben News), and more!


There are tons of other things that Talking Tom can do. Just stay updated with us by constantly checking on the most recent news about Tom and his friends in our website. To find out more about Talking Tom, go to our FAQ section!

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