The Battle Cats Thundia Overview

To compensate for its simplicity in terms of gameplay, The Battle Cats online game features a vast selection of characters sorted in five types of units made up of Normal, Special, Rare, Super Rare, and Uber Rare. As the label of each type suggests, the difficulty of acquiring each character depends entirely on their classification. In relation to that, we will be providing an overview of some of the most notable Uber Rare Battle Cats in the game, starting with the Uber Rare Thundia.



What is the Uber Rare Battle Cat Thundia?

Despite their rarity, Uber Rare Battle Cats like Thundia are nothing but invincible. Just like the rest of the roster, they also have their strengths and weaknesses. However, this does not dismiss the fact that Uber Rare Battle Cats are hands down the most powerful characters in Battle Cats. With that out of the way, let us take a quick look at the most notable attributes of the Uber Rare Battle Cats character called Thundia.



Launched in December 2013, the Uber Rare Battle Cats Thundia is one of the most sought out characters during her time. Some of the most notable attributes of this Uber Rare Battle Cats character includes a powerful attack, triple damage infliction towards Red enemies, decent attack range, and reasonable summoning cost among others. For the purpose of a balanced and challenging gameplay, Uber Rare Battle Cats Thundia also has her own set of frailty. One of such fragility is the character’s low health and slow movement seen during the first two forms (Thundia and Thundia type β). Do take note that in the character’s Divine Thundia form, the effect of most of her strengths doubled and some of her weaknesses reduced.



Uber Rare Battle Cats Thundia is best equipped in levels infested with Red Enemies. Unless fully evolved, Thundia needs to have protection during combat due to her low HP. Other than that, this Uber Rare Battle Cats character is a must-have member in your Battle Cats team. Learn more about other special cats like Bahamut and Moneko!

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