Are There Real-Life Parkour Skills in Vector?

You may think that it’s impossible for a game to develop such realistic action and graphics. Are all the parkour skills in Vector for real? Well, now you’ll know the real answer!



Vector is actually one of the first game that explored more on this type of physical training. Thus, the developers included genuine parkour moves and carefully incorporated it into the mechanics. To give you a glimpse of what you can do, look at the list below.


Vector Parkour Moves List

Some of these parkour tricks include but are not limited to:

  1. Front flip angle
  2. Double speed 360
  3. Spinning vault
  4. Thief vault
  5. Reverse vault
  6. Lemming
  7. Backflip
  8. Obstacle vaults
  9. Double Kong 360
  10. Screwdriver
  11. Rail flip vault
  12. Barrel vault
  13. Obstacle front flip
  14. Monkey vault
  15. Frog gainer
  16. Side bomb
  17. Front flip 720
  18. Air spin
  19. Double Webster
  20. Webster with salto
  21. Dash to front flip
  22. Rondat to flick flack to backflip
  23. Triple trick to swallow
  24. Back handspring
  25. Double Kong
  26. Lach gainer
  27. Bar backflip
  28. Dash vault
  29. Triple Arabic flip
  30. Split vault
  31. Fold flip
  32. Monkey front flip
  33. Flip and roll
  34. Webster to Webster
  35. Triple handspring
  36. Handspring to roll
  37. Dive roll
  38. Side Flip
  39. Monkey gainer
  40. Monkey to bomb
  41. Gate vault
  42. Rondat to double backflip
  43. Lach balance
  44. Underbar
  45. Cork
  46. Cheat gainer and more


This just means that the developers have created an accurate representation of the parkour activities and is justified with the story that we, as players, want to play.


Want to try out all these parkour skills? Download Vector on PC now! If you haven’t done any of these in real life, do it in private! You can be a parkour artist at the comfort of your own home. Play the game and imagine yourself doing all the amazing stunts and high-flying acrobatic moves in Vector and Vector 2. If you still don’t have enough reason to play, then check out the pros and cons of playing Vector.

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