Is it Okay to Play Vector Even if I’m Bad at Parkour?

Vector may not be known by most people but the game actually has a lot of players. It’s possible that some of these players are parkour experts or some of them have never even heard the word parkour! You see, Vector is a really good game that requires a different skill set other than parkour. With this game, you don’t necessarily just jump, climb, and roll. So, if you are asking if you can play Vector even if you do not have parkour skills, we can say that it is perfectly fine!



For the developers, we believe that they want their game to be enjoyable and available to people of all walks and ages of life. Not only do they want to develop a top-notch and popular game, but they also want to spread the knowledge! So, there’s no doubt that this game is a good one for you. Maybe you have doubts because you have not downloaded the game yet! Try downloading Vector on PC and see for yourself. Maybe you get discouraged because you have not passed a level yet. Well, perfection needs progress, and progress takes practice, and practice takes time. You don’t expect to get all things right the first time. Take your time in mastering everything to get it right!


Things to Remember in Vector


It only takes practice with your mouse and space bar to perform cool parkour moves! No need to read about physics or the history of parkour when you play the game. No more technical things, just play the game with one thing in mind, right timing! Remember to click, run, and try not to trip! Being bad in parkour just means you need more practice, so this game is perfect for you! Keep on playing this game and expect that when you complete Vector, you surely have enough parkour adrenaline to help you try it out in real life!


Play Vector now and help your character to beat the government while trying not to get caught! Run for your freedom now! If you want to know more about this game, catch the pros and cons of playing Vector!

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