Vector Pros and Cons

Vector is a fun and exciting game to play and to tell you the truth, there are more things to love in this game! Read more below to find out the pros and cons of the game Vector!


Strengths and Weaknesses of Vector


One of our favorite things about this game is that it is free. It has the mechanics of simulation which means the game seems very realistic. The main objective of the game is to escape the enemy without getting caught before you reach the next checkpoint. This game shows real parkour movements when you play through each level. You also get to earn cool items when you achieve 3 stars in any level.


Vector also allows you to purchase gadgets that could help you win the game. One of these gadgets is a device that helps you slow down the time. Plus, each level ensures a new challenge to take. If you think you have what it takes to win all the challenges, then download Vector and try it out now!



The only disadvantage is that, in the long run, there could be too much familiarity with the game inducing an effect of repetitiveness and boredom. One thing to improve is the interaction in the game, which at the moment only allows the players to know how many stars they earned. To get stars, the players need to purchase tricks and moves as well as learn the stages to move onto the next level. There’s just more to do to than to progress. It is indeed hard work!


Nonetheless, Vector is a good game and shows a different take on online gaming! Not only that, Vector even released the second installment of this game to keep up with the players who desperately want an upgraded version! Learn more about Vector when you read our FAQ section here.

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