What Covers the Vector Storyline?

Yes, Vector is an endless running game, but the game is more than that! Discover the story behind the chase and all the adventure that awaits. Scroll down below to know the storyline.


Vector Game Plot


In this game, the world is controlled by a totalitarian government seeking to control everyone. A silhouette of a man wakes up and he realized the need to escape the crazy situation happening in the government. Wanting to escape the inevitable fate, the silhouette of the man runs for his life, climbing buildings, rolling over surfaces, and jumping over great heights. Meanwhile, Big Brother, a man from the government, comes running after him. Now, your part is to help your avatar to run for his life by avoiding tripping situations that will slow him down.



This game’s storyline is known to be inspired by the dystopian theme of movies from recent releases. This also includes the growing popularity of parkour activity. Well, in the game and in the story, you need not worry because this avatar that you have (shown as a silhouette) is pretty good at parkour. Don’t be surprised by the awesome stunts and actions that you might see in the game. As you play Vector, expect to see the avatar jumping off walls, rolling over, climbing buildings, sliding below obstacles, and more! Be careful though because Big Brother is armed with a taser gun. One shot and it is the end of your run!


Play the game and you’ll learn your own mistakes and techniques to escape the enemy. The key to this game is timing. So, watch out for the right timing. Focus on the screen and your fingers to make sure you click the right command on the keyboards. If you miss the right timing, it would slow you down and could cost you the game. Make sure you make it to the end of the level in one piece and there are bonus points for getting the right timings so make sure you get them right!


This is the best game for all those action lovers! Feed your love of thrill and exciting adventures when you download Vector to your PC. If you don’t know it yet, the game also has a second installment. Read our coverage of Vector 2 here.

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