What Exactly is Parkour?

Parkour is commonly seen in movies where one would jump from building to building or one would climb and swing through metal bars without falling. True enough, this is what Parkour really is. The sport is considered extreme because people try to get from one location to another without the use of equipment and in the quickest and most efficient way. It can be done anywhere, however, this activity is mostly practiced in urban areas. This activity is seen as a new way of navigation.


Parkour’s Origin


Parkour was started in France by Raymond and David Belle. The term Parkour came from “parcours du combatant” which translates to an obstacle course. Parkour training includes a variety of activities such as running, jumping, climbing, and more.


Advocates of Parkour treat the sport as a type of freedom and channel of expression. For them, parkour is a state of mind that leads people to have a jam which is referred to as meetings of “traceur,” the practitioner of parkour. This jam involves training that lasts from hours to several days. The first reported jam in the history of Parkour is in July 2002.



There are plenty of moves involved in Parkour but it only came out of the five basic parkour moves: Jumping Up or Down, Jumping Over, Vaulting, Cat Leap and Swinging Through. These basic moves are important for you to understand and build your foundation. Since the rest of the moves came from these basic moves, once you get to know and practice them, you will surely have an easier time mastering the rest of the moves and stunts.


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