What is the Gameplay of Vector and Vector 2?

Vector and Vector 2 are both good games. For beginners, it is advisable to try out Vector first. When you get the hang of it and finish the game, go and try out Vector 2. Just like any other games, second installments are usually better than the first because of the updates and revisions that come along with it.


Differences Between Vector and Vector 2


Vector is known to be a game with an extensive storyline and had common basic parkour moves. This is the very reason why it is a good stepping stone for beginners to the game. On the other hand, Vector 2 gives a whole new experience for the players. No doubt that it would take your experience to the next level!



In terms of user interface and account management, compared to the original game, Vector 2 really improved. The developers designed and added better customization for players to choose from. The graphics are top-notch as well! Now, the players can enjoy a huge variety of visual customization and even account-based options. With these kinds of improvements, this game will surely be a hit to everyone!


Things even get better now that the storyline expanded. Vector and Vector 2 both allow you to guide and control your avatar. With the updates, there is a better control and responsiveness when it comes to Vector 2. This gives you even more reasons to try out the game!


Get into the action as your avatar escapes the dark world into the thrilling adventure of parkour. Uncover the truth of the story and venture into the cityscapes. Get ready to jump the hurdles, roll over different platforms and climb buildings to get you to the end of the level. Learn more on how you can do amazing Vector movements as you play the game. So, download Vector on your PC now!

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