What Vector is About?

You may have heard of the word Vector many times. Probably you heard it in your Physics class where Vector is referred to as the quantity that has both magnitude and direction. Although this game includes much of Physics, it is not what Vector is. You also probably heard it at work in Photoshop Illustrator. This term is referred to as the image that you get after clicking some settings to produce a crisp-edge photo. However, this game veers far away from those definitions. Read more below to see what Vector really is about.


What is Vector?


In 2010, NEKKI, a Russian game studio, developed this game. You can take the character of the silhouette man who wakes up from nothingness and discovers a dystopian society where the government is under a totalitarian regime. Out of desperation, he runs and escapes the reality of the world he is in.


Little did he know, someone knew he was on the run to escape the inevitable situation. The government found out and sent the best man to do the job of looking for him. Big Brother, with his taser gun, is in the run to take him back. So your character runs, climbs, jumps, and does his best to navigate through the city. With the adrenaline, he was able to scale the buildings and do a whole lot more stunts!



With just your mouse and keyboard, you will be able to run and escape the enemy. Remember to use them both with the right timing. If you stumble down or trip, it would surely give them the advantage. There is no end in running until you see that checkpoint at the end of the level.


Download Vector and try playing the game to see what it really is! Learn more about the best moves in Vector that your character can do!

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