Who Can Play Vector?

As much as we want everyone to play this game, however, not everyone can really understand what is happening in the game, unless they know how to read the instructions and the storyline. For this game, it is advisable that the players should be in ages 12 and up.



The storyline may not suit the young players as they are not really familiar with the dystopian society or the concept of a totalitarian government. At the very least they’d understand that they have to do their best to not get caught. For the older audience, it would be a great delight! Not only do they get to do a cool thing with their characters but they also benefit from the experience of understanding the origin of the game. After knowing about “Big Brother” and the literary context of where it came from, it totally made sense that there is an Orwellian dystopian society that manifests in the game.


A big theme of the game is politics especially when the opposition comes from the government. Just like Temple Run and Subway Surfers, this game will be an endless running and parkour game! However, the way you play this game would be different as the player’s perspective is in the side view in contrast with the top view perspective of players in playing Temple Run and Subway Surfers.


Skills That You Need in Vector


It may not be as kid-friendly as the other games, but this game requires the same skillset as Temple Run and Subway Surfers. Good finger reflexes and control are a good advantage as well as with right timing and speed! Be fast and steady because anything unexpected could happen in the track. It may not be totally difficult but earning a 3-star level is a hard work!


In any case, just practice and don’t be afraid to restart a bad game. Download Vector and play more so you can practice those moves. Take the challenge to defeat the enemy and gain freedom! Check out our FAQ page for more information about Vector.

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