How to Access the Zombie Tsunami Easter Island?

Aside from the entertaining gameplay of Zombie Tsunami, one of the reasons why players keep coming back to play the game is the updates that are being rolled out to keep the game as fun as it is when it was first released. New mechanics were added to the game to excite new and old players alike. New challenges and levels were also added so that the players will have more ways to enjoy the game.


One of the new levels and backgrounds that were added to Zombie Tsunami was the Easter Island. If you do not know what the Easter Island is, let us give you more information on this level.


The Easter Island level in Zombie Tsunami is based on a real-world Chilean Island in the Pacific Ocean. The Easter Island is home to many statues known to the world as moai. That’s why you don’t have to be surprised if you see giant rock statues in the background of the game while your horde is running because the Easter Island is the basis of this rare level in Zombie Tsunami.



To access the Easter Island in the game, you have to finish the level that has an uncanny resemblance to Hollywood. In the Easter Island level, you will have to complete two missions, the first is “Miss 1 civilian in Easter Island” which essentially means that you need to miss eating just one resident of the Easter Island. The second mission is you need to eat 25 brains in the level, which is pretty self-explanatory.


The Easter Island is a rare area in Zombie Tsunami, and it is definitely worth it to try to play in this area for a refreshing gaming experience. If you want to play this level, you need to download Zombie Tsunami on your PC first.


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