Is Fusing Zombie Tsunami Birds Worth It?

Zombie Tsunami improved the gaming experience of players by introducing Zombirds. Basically, zombirds are pets in the game that can greatly help you in completing the missions and earning more gold coins. Zombirds are not affected by the effects of the different obstacles in the game such as bombs, holes, and vehicles. If you want to have pets in your horde, head on to the Market and purchase different kinds of zombirds for 30 diamonds.


Zombirds add a lot of fun into the game because they have different characteristics and abilities compared to your horde. There are 22 kinds of zombirds in Zombie Tsunami, and you can fuse zombirds that are in the maximum level if they have the same rareness.



If you are asking if you should fuse zombirds, let us point out first the advantages and disadvantages of fusing your pet. If you decide to fuse the zombirds that you currently own, you will be able to create new eggs that are essential for you to access new types of birds. Keep on fusing zombirds to unlock all the available pets in the game. While this might sound fun and great, you have to know that you need to own three different types of birds to fuse them with another bird. So, you really have to be patient if you want to make this to work for you.


On the other hand, fusing Zombirds will let you lose possible hits. You will also waste away different types of birds that you already own if you decide to combine them.


So, to answer your question if you should fuse your zombirds, we will let you decide your own action. Fusing zombirds has its own benefits and risks, and we are letting you decide whether you should fuse your pets or not. If the benefits outweigh the risks, go ahead and fuse your birds. If you think that it is not worth it, you have to be satisfied with your current line-up of pets because you will not get more if you do not fuse them.


To start fusing zombirds, download Zombie Tsunami to your PC today! Read our Zombie Tsunami download and our Zombie Tsunami introduction article to get started.

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