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If you are looking for ways to hack and cheat the Zombie Tsunami game, we are sorry because you will not find any here on our website. Most hacks and cheats for games require the use of tools that came anonymously from the Internet, and we do not advise any player to use these tools because of the possible harm that they can give you. We, at Games.lol, promote safe gaming, that is why instead of leading you to use tools that will compromise your safety, we offer here tips and tricks that will help you win the game without using any hacks or cheats.


Here are the tips and tricks that you can use in playing Zombie Tsunami:


Do not skip long jump missions

Long jump missions can be challenging because of the level of mastery that you need to have in order to execute the jumps properly and complete the missions. If you are caught on 2-second long jump missions, you need to look for a higher platform first before taking off. You also need to watch the time that your fingers are holding the screen to ensure proper timing for your jumps.



Time your jumps perfectly

Most of the players can avoid the different obstacles in the game such as the running vehicles and bombs but fail right after avoiding them because they fail to jump in time on the gaps on the road. In order to do this perfectly, you have to wait until you get to the end of the platform. You also have to make sure that while your zombies are in the air, you are holding the jump until they land on the next ledge. Through this, you will have a longer duration for the jump and most of your zombies if not all will survive the jump.


Hold off your upgrades

Upgrades are important for you to advance to the next levels of the game. It is an important aspect of the game because upgrades will help you win it. However, you do not have to upgrade your zombies any time that you can. You can hold off on upgrading your characters until it is necessary. By not upgrading immediately, you will improve your skills more because you are able to progress even though your characters are not fully upgraded. You will also save more coins that you can spend on more important upgrades later in the game.


For more information about the game, read our introduction to Zombie Tsunami. You can also check out our Zombie Tsunami high score guide for more tips and tricks to help you get better at the game!

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