What is the Exceeding Limit in Zombie Tsunami Missions?

Zombie Tsunami has more than 300 missions that you need to complete in order to beat the game. There are different kinds of missions, and you have to pay attention to the details of the quests so that you can fulfill the mission’s requirements and proceed to the next level. One of the quest types in the game is called exceeding missions. What does exceeding mission mean? Exceeding missions require you to only have a specific number of zombies in the horde in order to complete the quest requirements.



Some might get confused with exceeding missions because aside from the number of zombies that you need to keep in your horde, you also need to reach a specific number of brains eaten to finish the mission. For example, if a quest details state that you can’t exceed 5 zombies but you have to eat 10 brains, it simply means that you can’t go beyond 5 zombies while you are running until you have eaten 5 other people. It can be confusing because when you eat civilian’s brains, they will automatically be a zombie and will join your horde.


Now the trick for not exceeding the number of zombies required is to kill your zombies intentionally. If you have eaten a brain and that person joins your horde, you can kill some members of your undead team by letting them get blasted by bombs or by dropping them into a hole on the road.


To complete exceeding missions, you have to take note of the numbers that you need to fulfill. It can be confusing at first but once you get to complete lots of similar missions, you will develop a strategy that will let you finish exceeding missions easily.


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