Win Zombie Tsunami Lottery Tickets

Zombie Tsunami offers generous rewards to its loyal players. These come in the form of bonus coins, diamonds, and upgrades. There are different ways that you can get rewards from the game, and one of those ways is through the lottery tickets or scratch cards.


How to Get Lottery Tickets in Zombie Tsunami?


Scratch cards or lottery tickets are a surefire way of getting amazing rewards in the game. You can win bonus prizes like coins and power-ups. The number of prizes that you can get in scratch cards is much better than any other sources of rewards in Zombie Tsunami. Because of this, it is much harder to get lottery tickets than normal bonuses.


Even though it is harder to get lottery tickets or scratch cards, where to get them is not a secret. It is actually one of the missions that you need to do in playing the game, and you will be constantly reminded of your progress in obtaining a scratch card. To get the lottery tickets, you need to fill the brain rack with 100 brains, and the 100th brain that you have eaten will be automatically converted into a scratch card. You can also buy one in the shop for 100 gold coins.



Some of the prizes that you can get from scratch cards or lottery tickets are:

  • 100 to 1,500 coins
  • Additional lottery ticket (Try again)
  • Another chance to scratch a ticker
  • Civilians (eat them for brains)
  • Last chance
  • Bombs will be converted into coins
  • Coins will be converted into coins
  • +10 seconds in the game
  • Double the coins and zombies


However, most of the expert players of the game know that the scratch cards are more valuable if they sell it for 400 coins. That is why in most cases, you will see players trading their lottery tickets for coins because they can spend the coins on the upgrades that they need.



That is how you can get lottery tickets in Zombie Tsunami. In order to get the game, visit our Zombie Tsunami download page. For more tips and tricks, you can also read our Zombie Tsunami hacks and cheats article.

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