Zombie Tsunami Christmas Edition Updates and News

The Christmas season is almost here! Staying up late to see if Santa will bring you this year’s present? Better be careful because Santa is not the only one roaming the streets at night! Watch out for hordes of zombies looking for people to devour in Zombie Tsunami Christmas Edition. Lock your doors tight, because they are here not to eat your Christmas dinner but to eat your brains.


With an update that is perfect for the Yuletide season, you will really stay up late in this exciting and fun version of the game that you love. Take control of zombies in Santa Claus costumes as they wreak havoc in the snowy streets of different cities.


Zombie Tsunami Christmas Edition brings a fresh update to the game’s graphics by adding falling snow as you run through the streets of various cities. Eat civilians and let them join your horde of zombies in Santa suit and head to Winter Brainy Land!



About Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is an endless running game developed by Mobigame S.A.R.L. for iOS and Android. The game features a side-scrolling gameplay where you control hordes of zombies and complete missions and quests to progress through the game. Players can upgrade the zombies and their abilities through coins and diamonds that are being rewarded in the game. Zombie Tsunami has over 200 million players in the world, and the game has been downloaded in the app stores for hundreds of millions of times. Zombie Tsunami is one of the most popular endless running games because of its simple mechanics and one-hand controls.


You can now download Zombie Tsunami for your PC. Read our Zombie Tsunami download guide to learn how you can install the game on your PC. To learn more tips and tricks about the game, head on to our Zombie Tsunami hacks and cheats page.

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