Zombie Tsunami Download Instructions

Zombie Tsunami does not need any introductions because the game is so popular that everyone knows about it. But, in case you need a refresher, we’ve got you covered. Zombie Tsunami is a 2D endless running game wherein you take control of a horde of zombies and wreak havoc to the city.


Zombie Tsunami is a huge hit when it was released in Android and iOS. Like the huge waves of zombies in the game, it has swept across the charts having been downloaded hundreds of millions of times with a player base that also amounts to millions of people. Because of the unique offerings of the game, it has amassed a great fan following that includes players of all ages.


Zombie Tsunami for PC is now Available


If you have already played Zombie Tsunami on your mobile phone, you might have been addicted to it that you can’t stop playing the game at any time that you can. If you have been wishing for the game to be made available for PC, then you are in luck because the gaming gods have heard your prayers. Here at Games.lol, you can download Zombie Tsunami and install it on your desktop computer.



How? Read on.


In order to download the game to your PC, click our Zombie Tsunami download link and wait for the download to finish. Once downloaded, go to the directory where you save the file and double click on the game.  The game will launch by itself and you may start rampaging through the city with your horde of cute zombies.


We hope that our guide for Zombie Tsunami download has been helpful for you. If you are looking for other Zombie Tsunami guides, you can check our Zombie Tsunami introduction article and Zombie Tsunami gameplay overview.  So what are you waiting for?! Download Zombie Tsunami today to start the fun!

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