Zombie Tsunami Gameplay Walkthrough

Zombie Tsunami is being played by over 200 million players around the world and is regarded as one of the most popular endless running games ever. The game was initially released for iOS and was later offered to Android users. Zombie Tsunami features a one-touch control scheme that will allow you to lead your horde of cute zombies as they run into cities and try to transform civilians into one mindless undead army.



The game offers an addicting gameplay that will keep you glued to your PC. As a player, you will have to control a horde of hungry zombies looking to devour everyone in their path. Eat the brains of the civilians and win rewards that you can use to upgrade your zombie army. Play through 300 plus missions and challenge yourself with different quests that you need to fulfill for more bonuses.


Even though the game puts you in control of mindless characters, Zombie Tsunami is not a mindless game in itself. You have to practice your reflex as you avoid different kinds of obstacles. You need to overcome bombs, moving vehicles, and gaps in the roads so that you can amass a huge mob of zombies. Practice makes perfect, and you need to practice timing your jumps to survive the obstacles that are trying to stop your zombies.



You can also have different upgrades and bonuses to help you in the game. Your horde of zombies will encounter many upgrades that will transform them into characters with different abilities such as:


Ninja: cuts through vehicles and bombs.

Quarterback: runs over the obstacles.

Balloon: lets you fly and avoid obstacles in the ground.

Tsunami: sweeps away anything in your path.

Giant Z: transforms your horde into one big zombie that shoots laser from its eye.

Gold zombie: transforms your zombies into golden undead that changes anything that they touch into gold coins.

UFO: teleports a random zombie every 5 seconds.


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