Zombirds Level Up Guide

Zombirds provide lots of extra rewards in the Zombie Tsunami. Just having them can help you get more coins and brains while you play. However, they can be quite costly because pets are worth 30 diamonds, and we all know that diamonds are quite uncommon and are harder to get in the game. They are costly because they can give you passive coins and brains while playing, and do note that zombirds are not affected by bombs, holes, and vehicles, so they stick with you in every level even once you bought them. Sweet, right?


Zombirds also give more rewards when they are in the higher levels. The goal of utilizing zombirds is to reach their maximum levels to maximize the rewards that they can give in your missions.



How to Level Up Zombirds?


Zombirds are sold in the Market as eggs. So, head on to the Market and buy yourself your own zombird egg for 30 diamonds. To level them up, you need to buy the same type of egg, so that it can be “consumed” by the first one that you bought and it will level up. You need to keep doing this until your egg reaches its maximum level.


There are also different rarities for the eggs in Zombie Tsunami. These are the Classic, Super, Hyper, Ultra, and Legendary. Once your egg reaches the maximum level for its rarity, you need to fuse it with another egg of the same level and rarity (read about our fusion guide for Zombie Tsunami birds). Fusing eggs that are in their maximum levels also unlock a new type of zombird. Just keep on fusing different birds to unlock all 22 kinds of birds in Zombie Tsunami.


If you want to unlock all the zombirds in the game. You need to have patience as it will take much time especially if you do not want to pay real money for in-app transactions. You have to grind more for diamonds and we are warning you, they can be hard to get. But, do not be discouraged because the rewards that you will get from unlocking even some of these zombirds will be totally worth it.



Some zombirds in the Classic level makes brains and coins for a certain period of time depending on their levels. There are also zombirds that transform the obstacles into coins. Super zombirds make the bonus that you get in the game last longer and help you overcome obstacles by blasting them with laser beams. Hyper zombirds can give much better rewards and longer bonuses while Ultra zombirds transform the vehicles and bombs into coins in a much higher chance. The Legendary zombirds provide way better help as they can unleash floods of coins and shoots everything in their path to clear the way for you.


Download Zombie Tsunami today and start leveling up your own zom-pet! If you want to learn how to download the game on your PC, check our Zombie Tsunami download guide.

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