Disaster Will Strike - Level 18

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Welcome to Disaster Will Strike Level 18 Game Walkthrough. In this level, you get to explore a brand new set-up of the game. With only two disasters: landslide and wind, try your best to break all 5 eggs, one above and the rest below. The dynamites are back but now with a new twist, the oils! Who knows, this could be a flaming hot level! If you want to learn more about the gameplay of Disaster Will Strike Level 18. Read on to find out more about how to solve the puzzle and watch the gameplay video below.


This time they have oils and so there is a new method to kill the eggs—through fire! Burn them alive.


Disaster Will Strike Level 18

In Disaster Will Strike Level 18, the most logical way to spark up a fire for the fuel to start burning the eggs alive is to take that dynamite down to the oil. So obviously, you’ll have to strike the landslide to take it down. Once the fire has started,  you can then push the remaining egg towards the fire using the wind disaster. Let the eggs fall into the pit of fire! For sure this could be quite confusing since it is a bit unusual, but following the nature of the set-up could be really helpful in figuring out the ways to kill the eggs!


For the game solution to Disaster Will Strike Level 18, try watching the video below! It may give you more tips and help you visualize the technique to win this level! The walkthrough for Disaster Will Strike Level 18 is from 0:34-0:57 in the video below.



Find out the newest way to kill the eggs—through fire! And now you can do it here in Disaster Will Strike Level 18 today! Get Disaster Will Strike on your PC today and start playing now!


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