Disaster Will Strike - Level 20

Game Walkthrough for Disaster Will Strike Level 20 | For PC Download

Welcome to Disaster Will Strike Level 20 Game Walkthrough. In this level, you get more eggs to kill (not as much as level 17). For the first time, you get 4 disasters to strike. The odds of completing this level is high if you keep on reading! Take your time and learn more about the gameplay of Disaster Will Strike Level 20.


Disaster Will Strike Level 20

In Disaster Will Strike Level 20, the bar is raised and it can be seen from the set-up of the game. The landscapes and positioning of the eggs may seem unusual as compared to the previous levels. It can look overwhelming at first but once you get your head into it, you’ll see that it’s pretty simple. Now that you have 4 disasters: landslide, strong winds, an earthquake. All these are really useful and a major advantage to you! Using the features of this level could help you eliminate all of the eggs!



To get it right, you have to be mindful of every disaster you strike. Know that the order of disasters that you strike is very crucial as it could make or break your gameplay. You can always restart the game, but it’s always good to get it right the first time! First things first, eliminate the eggs that are hardly affected by the set-up of the game. Get rid of them using the landslide. Once you’ve done that, it’s already one less problem to think of. You can use the earthquake to break the glass stand and allow the toothed post to swing towards the egg to break it, leaving the other egg broken as well. With the remaining eggs unaffected by the earthquake, you can use the winds to push them towards the boulders to break them.


Reading it seems difficult so we suggest you that you watch the walkthrough video from 1:10-1:25 below for the game solution to Disaster Will Strike Level 20. Try it now!



With the help of the Disaster Will Strike walkthrough videos, you will learn all the know-how of the game! You can now play Disaster Will Strike on PC!


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