Homescapes - Level 10

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Welcome to Homescapes Level 10 Game Walkthrough. On level 9, Austin decided to renovate the study area, his father’s favorite corner, to try and convince his parents not to sell the house. To do this, he must first replace the old bookshelf and change the wallpaper.


This task, however, requires two stars. He already started saving one star after the previous level and need another one to renovate the bookcases. Help Austin get more stars by completing the Match-3 levels in Homescapes.  Continue reading to find out how to move past Homescapes Level 10 without the use of any boosters.


Homescapes Level 10

In Homescapes Level 10, you are required to clear 30 yellow lamps and 30 pink buttons with just 22 moves. Like Level 9, some of the game pieces are in chains so you cannot move them. To unchain the pieces, you must match similar colors with the pieces in chains. Alternatively, you can also use explosions to unchain game pieces.


Level 10 has two pairs of tiles separated from the others on the bottom with the following power-ups: two paper planes, a bomb, and a rocket. You can use these to help destroy the chains. Easy tip: match the paper plane to the bomb to transport the explosion to tiles in a different location. Neat, right?


Homescapes Level 10


You can also view the gameplay of Homescapes Level 10 with the walkthrough video below! See how to use the power-ups to clear tiles and earn you a star.



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